Children's Vision Screening Program
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The Children's Vision Screening program provides screenings for more than 8,000 local children age 3 to 18 each year.  Screenings test for distance acuity, amblyopia, or lazy eye, and strabismus, a turned eye. Screening at a young age can result in early detection and treatment that could prevent or slow vision loss. Undetected vision problems among children often lead to permanent vision loss and learning difficulties.

Vision screenings are an accurate and cost-effective way to find children who need a full eye exam. The Children's Vision Screening program has a 99% accuracy rate, and identifies a vision problem in about 5% of the children screened.

Why choose our vision screening professionals?

POB's vision screening professionals have excellent rapport with children.

Our screening professionals have experience working with all ages of children, including those with disabilities, autism, ADHD and hearing impairments. Many also have advanced degrees in early childhood education.

POB provides referrals for children who are identified as having a vision problem, and follow-up to ensure they are receiving the medical attention they need. POB's returned referral rate is more than 90 percent.

Each child is sent home with their vision screening results. Those children with an identified vision problem will receive a detailed referral in the mail and are entered into a comprehensive database. Their vision screener will contact his or her parent/guardian within 6 weeks  for referrals not returned with doctor information. Screeners will also assist with making an appointment if needed.

POB helps children whose families need financial assistance.

If a child with an identified vision problem has no medical insurance, POB will refer the child to a pediatric ophthalmologist at Children's National Medical Center. Additional resources for free and low-cost pediatric eye exams can be found by clicking here. Children with no medical insurance can also receive low-cost or free eyeglasses at POB's Eyeglasses Clinic, located in Washington, DC.