What to Expect from a Children's Vision Screening
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What happens at a vision screening?

The Children's Vision Screening program director and screening professionals are responsible for scheduling and administering tests, providing referrals for children who are identified with a vision problem to the appropriate provider, and offering resource information and counseling to families.

POB will mail a screening packet containing various vision games in advance to each organization so that children can understand the test.

All screenings will take place in a designated quiet area. The screening process involves three screeners: one stationed at the eye chart, one assisting the child and one completing all necessary referrals.

Photoscreening is not used during POB's eye screenings, as the technology is still evolving. Vision games are played with each child individually. Children are tested for distance and muscle balance. Each child will receive a coloring sheet, bookmark and sticker along with their pass/fail report.