What to Expect From Low Vision Rehabilitation

Individuals with low vision can learn to adapt to their vision loss when they understand what  what aspects of their vision are viable, discover the limitations of their vision and supplementing their regular eyeglasses with special visual aids. Low vision rehabilitation is not a substitute for any ongoing medical treatment, nor will it reverse the process of vision loss or restore sight. But it can help improve and preserve as much of a person's sight as possible.

Adapting to vision loss depends on a person's attitude, motivation and determination. The Low Vision Learning Centers in Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC are here to help individuals begin the process.  This page features an outline of the programs and services they offer clients based on their unique needs and preferences:

Vision Assessment

A low vision eye exam will evaluate the remaining vision by determining the limit and efficiency for a variety of tasks. Any possible changes that can be made to improve the remaining vision using eyeglasses is attempted first. Then, visual aids like magnifiers, telescopes and filters may be prescribed.

Visual Skills Training

Visual skills training involves training your eyes to use visual aids and strategies. This program may include working with an orientation mobility specialist or occupational therapist.

Environmental Adaptation

To improve safety, independence and efficiency, environmental adaptations can be recommended such as:

  • Lighting recommendations
  • Contrast enhancements
  • Labeling
  • Organization
  • Glare reduction techniques

Low Vision Devices

Once a person's develops his or her  underlying visual skills,  there is an opportunity to test and train on low vision technology and visual aids. Using these devices depends on the demands of the task to be accomplished. Usually, more than one device may be necessary to meet this goal. Some these devices include:

  • Magnifiers
  • Video magnifiers
  • Reading spectacles
  • Telescopes
  • Glare control devices
  • Enlarged products

Visit the Low Vision Learning Centers page of our website for more information about what the Centers can offer you.

Picture of low vision aids